Fiorella Lavado was born in Lima, Peru; studied Audio-Visual Communication, and began her career at a young age as a producer for advertising and documentaries. For the first 4 years, she worked closely with Chilean artist Carlos Leppe, who has been a very strong influence in her life and work. She worked for international companies such as Adidas, focusing on commercial design and the production of PR and graphic campaigns. During and after that time she studied with different artists like Peruvian Jose Luis Arbulú and German A.R. Penk.

Since 1999 Fiorella has been a freelance graphic artist in Lima, New York, Duesseldorf, and London. She is currently working from her studio in London, dividing her time between web-design, illustration, art related collaborations, and her personal projects.

I work every day. My inspiration comes from my life, what I read or what I dream. I am interested in science, quantum physics and its implication on our view of reality and conscience. As for my other work, I am always designing web-sites. Either for fun or comissioned. I am also collaborating with a journalist on a social documentary about a tragic/mysterious event that happened in Peru in the eighties.

My work with wire is an exploration of organic structures, originating from the ideas of creation and birth. It is related to my childhood, to the long hours knitting with my grandmother, being lectured in how to be a good mother and wife.

I am fascinated with the medium, with how the wire starts as a linear string but takes on a tridimensional form. When I am weaving, it feels like drawing on air, it gives me a sense of freedom from space.

The object grows at its own will.
I do not cut the wire until it is finished.
Only when is born.

To see more information about me, have a look at my CV.