A community based project with Gabriela Lozano and Sheyna Zaid Lam

We are, at the heart of it, 3 mothers (see bios below) who used to work but found it hard, for various reasons, to return to the industries that we were previously employed in. Noticing and experiencing these frustrations ourselves has made us realise that the segment of society we are a part of has been long neglected and under-utilised. This inspired us to band together to try and slowly change this, initially one person at a time, and perhaps, in the future, the very attitudes prevalent in society.

The process is straightforward. We have a basic interview in which we aim to uncover the individual’s dream job, skills, experience, and perceived obstacles to realising the dream. Once we identify the obstacles, we use RE:Invented’s network to help in each of the lacking areas, i.e. where marketing, finance, communications and other areas are needed, we are able to find people that could assist in this area. We have a pool of experts that would be willing to work in the seeding and growth stages of a business.

Gabriela Lozano has worked in Finance for more than 10 years, most recently as the Director in the Global Insurance Team at LLoyds Banking Group where she lead relationships with some of the bank's most complex clients. Frustrated at full-time corporate employment and yet, not quite willing to relinquish her career entirely, Gabi is looking to use her many years of experience in corporate finance to help women identify and utilise opportunities that may arise in this sector. In addition to this, Gabi is well placed to advise women on finance and client relations in the set-up of new businesses. - learn more

Sheyna Zaid Lam has a background in Cross-Cultural Psychology and is currently pursuing her MSc in International Development and Social Anthropology. In addition to this, she has worked in finance, research and as a freelance writer. The overarching theme of Sheyna's interest is essentially people and society. Be it interacting with individuals on a one-to-one basis, or effectively connecting people, organisations and ideas, and consequently, encouraging mutual cooperation and benefit.

Fiorella is our resident artist. Originally from Peru, but with a great depth of experience all around the globe (ranging from building websites, working on socio-historical documentaries, and collaborating with Oxonian astrophysicists on lectures amongst others. She has a wealth of information on what it takes to make a project work and would love to share this with other women in their search for new purpose.

Case study

Adriana Rodriguez Schael - catering. Visit website