Fiorella Lavado was born in Lima, Peru; studied Audio-Visual Communication, and began her career as a producer for advertising and documentaries. For the first 4 years, she worked closely with Chilean artist Carlos Leppe, who was a very strong influence in her life and work. She worked for international companies such as Adidas, focusing on commercial design and the production of PR and graphic campaigns. During and after that time she studied with different artists like Peruvian Jose Luis Arbulú and German A.R. Penk. She is currently working from her studio in London.


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6.7.2019 - 6.9.2019 Casa do Chico/ Galeria KM7 Brazil, curated by Nani Cardenas more...

Predictability and its Limits

27.02.2017 - 24.03.2017
London School of Economics and Political Science. With the generous suppport of the LSE Annual Fund, LSE Arts, and the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS).

Atoms and Other Quirky Things.

December 2011
Peruvian Embassy in London

El Teatro de los Miedos: Soledad.

November 2010 - January 2011.
Installation/performance at Camley Street Natural Park, London. With music facilitator Lucia Vivanco Sakuray.

Weaving the Universe from Atoms to Stars.

9.9.2010 - 9.10.2010 Ernst Schering Foundation project space, Berlin
With the support of the British Council Germany and Ernst Schering Foundation.

Weaving the Universe: Stars.

February - August 2010 Royal Astronomical Society Burlington House, London.

The Release of the Cloud

January 2010. Artist talk and performance. The Travel Book Shop, Notting Hill, London.

Into the Crucibles of Nature

September 2009 Benaki Museum Athens, Greece. In the context of the Year of Astronomy.


May - October 2008. Art in the Garden. Site specific outdoor installation. Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire.


Weaving the Universe from Atoms to Stars.

September 9, 2010. Lecture “A Journey Between Two Worlds”
Robert-Koch-Forum in der Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Dorotheenstr. 96 | 10117 Berlin
October 7, 2010.

Beyond Scientific Visualisation

Panel discussion: Are collaborations between artists and scientists able to produce work capable of advancing scientific research?
Ernst Schering Foundation
Unter den Linden 32 - 34 | 10117 Berlin

Weaving the Universe - Royal Astronomical Society, London.

12th of February 2010 Lecture at the Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House with Professor Arthur I. Miller.

Artist talk and performance

(the Release of the Cloud)
January 2010 The Travel Book Shop, Notting Hill, London.

The Strange Collaboration of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung.

Invited speaker at NESTA - Crucible Alumni Day
November 2009 Ambassadors Hotel, Bloomsbury, London.

A Journey Between Two Worlds

September 2009 Athens, Greece.
Two different versions presented at the Benaki Museum and St. Catherine's British Embassy School.

Invited speaker at UK-ROK Round Table on Science & Art and ECSE*

September 2009. Wellcome Trust
*ECSE: Education Centre of Science & Exhibition
Organised by University College London UK, and Seoul National University of Technology Korea.

The Secret Live of a Dreamer: When Physics Met Psychology

June 2009. University of Oxford - joint lecture with Professor Arthur I. Miller.


LSE Annual Fund

Granted for the production of prints and the exhibition of the project Predictability and its Limits, in collaboration with philosopher Roman Frigg. With the support of LSEArts and the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS)

Weaving the Universe from Atoms to Stars.

May 2010 Travel and insurance grant by the British Council Germany and production grant by Ernst Schering Foundation for an exhibition, lecture and discussion panel in Berlin, Germany.

Creative Europe

March 2009. Travel grant by the British Council Germany to attend ”Einstein and Picasso” Open Space meeting in Dortmund, Germany.


Miller, Arthur I., Colliding Worlds: How cutting edge science is redifining contemporary art. W.W. Norton & Company 2014, p. 136-139


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2019. Artist residency at Casa do Chico/ Galeria KM7 Brazil more...


Since 2016. Creative workshops, website:


Since 2016. Web design studio, website Follow @cloudylab on instagram.

Predictability and its Limits

2012 - 2017. A series of illustrations developed in collaboration with Professor of Philosophy Roman Frigg from the London School of Economics and Political Science. more...

El Teatro de los Miedos

2010 - ongoing. (LT.) The Theatre of Fear and Anxiety is a collaboration with artist Lucia Vivanco Sakuray that explores human fear using music, performance and installation. Lucia is a music facilitator and performer artist that uses music as a medium of communication. more...

Weaving the Universe from Atoms to Stars.

2009 - 2010. Art & science collaboration with Professor Arthur I. Miller. more...

Quinoa Films - New York based, film/documentary production

2005 - ongoing. Creative collaboration with journalist and film maker Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert. more...
Project: Uchuraccay

Professional Experience

Graphic Artist

1999 - ongoing. Web design, illustration, printmaking, photo, installation.

Adidas Peru

2000 - 2002. Marketing, product training, merchandising, window and display design/production.

Reebok Peru

1997 - 1999. Merchandising, product training, window and display design/production.

Cinemascine - Film and advertising production for Peru and Chile

1995 - 1997. Field Production Manager - Peru

Publicistas Asociados - Advertising agency

1993 - 1994. Field and Technical Production.


Art Academy Düsseldorf, Germany

Semester 2003-04. Graphic (Prof. A.R. Penk).

Corriente Alterna

1998 - 1999. Painting workshop (Jose Luis Arbulú).

Instituto Peruano de Publicidad

1993 - 1995. Audio- Visual Communication.


Spanish. Native speaker.
English. Fluent, written and spoken.
German. Fluent.

Personal Data

Current residence: London, England.