A film by Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert, directed by Michele Cinque.

This is an independent documentary about a group of journalists, who were murdered in 1983 in Uchuraccay, a remote hamlet in the Central Andes of Peru, as they were investigating rumors of extrajudicial killings. The story unfolded in the midst of violent warfare between Maoist group, Shining Path, and the government.

I met Carmen in New York about 12 years ago, at begining of the project. I became involved inicially as a producer but then my role became more of a creative consultant.

We talk and I help her materialise her ideas, I inspire her to write and to see the story in a movie form. I have also been in charge of the website since then.

In 2009, We travelled to Ayacucho to film and it was then the story became part of my personal journey too. With every year that passes, the investigation deepens and so does the need to finalise the film.

Please visit Uchuraccay.com for more information.